catalog coverA new catalog, “Botetourt County: 250+1 Years of Delight,” has gone on sale online and in the Gift Shop of the Historical Society of Western Virginia. Authored by Curator Ashley Webb, this catalog acts as a record for the exhibition “Botetourt County: 250+1 Years of Delight,” which was on at the Historical Society’s History Museum from April 24, 2021, to Nov. 2, 2021.

The year 2020 marked the 250th anniversary of the formation of Botetourt County, Virginia – a county with a vibrant and varied material culture often overlooked. Delving deep into Botetourt’s history through the Decorative Arts, from before its formation in 1770 all the way up to today, this catalog acts as a research manual for Botetourt’s material culture. Its pages show the work of artisans through 250 years, from rifles to artwork and furniture.

The cost is $45. Access the gift shop.

Botetourt County Catalog