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Lessons Available for Download

Explore Virginia’s multifaceted history through five engaging lessons prepared by the Historical Society of Western Virginia educator for download and use in your classroom to meet SOLs.

Each lesson incorporates unique objectives, materials, activities, and assessments, fostering critical thinking, research skills, and reflection. Differentiation options and extension activities are also available with most of the lessons.


Check out the following.

Life in 19th Century Rural Virginia: A Glimpse through Maria Jane Gish Frantz’s Life (Primary Source Document)

Explore 19th-century rural Virginia through Maria Jane Gish Frantz’s primary source account. Students will analyze her insights into daily life, challenges, and traditional skills of the era. Engage in discussions about tasks, technology, and education, followed by modern-life comparisons. Assess students based on their notes and participation. Differentiation and extension activities are available.

Past and Present Perspectives – Early Craftsmen in Appalachia

“Embark on a journey through Appalachian craftsmanship with our two-part lesson, “Past and Present Perspectives.” Students will compare 18th-century craftsmanship with the late 19th to early 20th-century craft revival through the reading of two articles: “Early Craftsmen” by Roddy Moore and “The Craft Revival in Appalachia, 1896-1937” by Anna Jariello. This engaging experience features articles, group discussions, and a comparative analysis, nurturing an appreciation for the cultural significance of these crafts.”

The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island Jigsaw Lesson

Dive into the enigma of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island with our Jigsaw Lesson. Students will work in expert groups to read “Lost Colony” by Jeff Hampton and then focus on researching different facets of the mystery, such as background information, the disappearance, Native American perspectives, and historical significance. Following this, in new groups, students will synthesize their findings and reflect on the experience.

Uncovering Precontact Native American Stone Structures in Virginia

Uncover the mysteries of precontact Native American stone structures in Virginia in this 90-minute lesson. Students will read and discuss “The Enigmatic Stone Structures of Western Virginia” by Daniel Pezzoni, exploring architectural features and cultural meanings. They’ll engage in research to understand how these structures challenge traditional historical narratives.

Colonel William Fleming’s Origins

Explore the life and experiences of Col. William Fleming with our engaging lesson. Students will read the article “Col. William Fleming’s Origins” by Claire White, discuss its content, and delve into the significance of Fleming’s early life in Dumfries, Scotland, and his later achievements.